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Employee Club (South Hants)

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The IBM Retired Employee Club (South Hants) Branch is available to some categories of retiree. The club promotes and encourages group social activities among retirees and their partners (or guest) and is a great way to pursue the activities that you enjoy, it is also a good way to meet other IBM retirees. The club is run by members who volunteer their time to organise social events.

Club News

Recently, due to the early start of some of our events, a few people have been caught up in traffic especially if using the motorway, which has delayed the departure of the coach. As some of the events have an early start and we need to be at our destination at a given time, can I suggest if you are using the motorway, you allow for the heavy traffic and leave a little earlier than usual. I do realise that delays are often unavoidable so for those in possession of a mobile phone I would also like to suggest you add our club mobile number 07810494624 to your contact list.


We have made some adjustments to our Constitution to bring us in line with other IBM Retired Employee clubs. This has been done to enable the IBM UK Clubs Oversight Manager to seek the Trustee's formal approval of the final version so that they can be formally published by the Clubs.

The plan for 2015

Please send your suggestions to a Your feedback and suggestions will be much appreciated. The date of the planning meeting is on October 7th

Christmas Lunches.

The Christmas Lunches will take place on Monday 8th, Wednesday 10th and Friday 12th December. We are planning to send out the booking form next month. Once again there will be a choice of menu. We know that this is a time for catching up with old friends, so if you would like to be put on a certain day with a group of friends then please get your request in sooner than later.

BBC Broadcasting house tour and London free time
Please note the leaving time from North Harbour is 8.00am and not 8.30am as appeared originally on the Booking Form.

New Events now available for Booking

The Good Food Show

The uptake for this event has been very slow so it was decided to extend the closing date until the 10th October to give those who are away on holday a chance to apply. If we do not get enough applications we will have to cancel this trip.

Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall

Bath Christmas Market

Booking Form Downloads

To access the Booking forms, please click on the trip under Upcoming Events

To download booking forms you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download for free the latest version of Adobe Reader by clicking this link Download.

For those who would prefer to download a version in 'Word' format please click here to Download
(this download is only available for New Events)

Booking Forms

The form must include name and personnel number followed by either/both a phone number and email address. It must also be signed by the retiree only. Cheques can be signed by spouse/partner if drawn on a joint account. This will allow the trip organiser to contact you in case of changes or emergencies etc. When sending in your application please can you make sure your envelope is a self-sealing one.

Upcoming Events

For full details of the trip and to download the Booking forms please click on the Event.

Miss Saigon - Thursday 9th October
BBC Broadcasting house tour - Tuesday 11th Nov
London Day Out- Thursday 23rd October
Good Food Show - Friday 14th November
Classical Spectacular - Sunday 23rd November
Bath Christmas Market - Thursday 4th Dec

All places are allocated on a ballot basis, from time to time we do a first come first served, but it will be clearly marked on the Booking form when this applies. Any tickets/places that are still available for Events can be found here:

For further info on who to contact please click on the event

If you wish to be notified when the latest Booking forms are available on the website please email with your request to be added to the distribution list.

Please make sure we have your correct email address

All changes to home address should be sent to