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The IBM Retired Employee Club (South Hants) Branch is available to some categories of retiree. The club promotes and encourages group social activities among retirees and their partners (or guest) and is a great way to pursue the activities that you enjoy, it is also a good way to meet other IBM retirees. The club is run by members who volunteer their time to organise social events.

Club News

The trip to the Dutch bulb fields was amazing, Keukenhof was full of the most exquisite collection of various flowers, tulips, daffodils, orchids and many more, the weather on the day was overcast with some showers, but did not detract from the amazing sight of the gardens.
The next day the weather was fine for our trip to Enkhuizen, for a trip on a boat to Medemblik where we had a fabulous lunch, then on to a steam train for a journey through the countryside.
The hotel was perfect, good food, lovely staff & comfortable beds.

Waddesdon Manor

The trip to Waddesdon Manor has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

New Events now available for Booking

Summer Lunch at New Place

Downton Abbey Country and Cruise

Bleinham Palace Flower Show

IBM National Golf Championship 2016 - Invitation to Enter For details please go to the links page and click the link. Entry form

If you have access to 'Word' then you can download and fill in your form [here]

(this download is only available for New Events).

Booking Form Downloads

To access the Booking forms, please click on the trip under Upcoming Events

To download booking forms you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download for free the latest version of Adobe Reader by clicking [here] to download


If you have to cancel for any reason please contact the organiser of the event. (You will find this information on the booking form). If you are unable to speak to the organiser then please contact another member of the committee. (Do not leave a message on an answer phone!!)
If you cancel on the day then you can ring the club mobile (for those in possession of a mobile phone I would like to suggest you add our club mobile number 07810494624 to your contact list).
The organiser will agree with the Treasurer if a refund can be given and let you know. Where a refund is possible the Treasurer will foward a refund to you minus any administration cost.

Cheque Payments

We have recently had a number of cheques returned to us as the drawer is in the process of switching banks. I don’t know what the new bank is telling you but the result is that a cheque drawn on your old bank will be rejected and represented by our bank to your new bank. On it’s own this would not be a problem, however, each time this happens we are charged £4 by our own bank. I am therefore making you aware that you are fully responsible for any charges we receive from this process.

Ron Bunce Treasurer

Upcoming Events

For full details of the trip and to download the Booking forms please click on the Event.

London Day Out- Wednesday 25th May
Brighton Drop - Tuesday 21st June
Blenheim Palace flower show - Friday 17th June
Downton Abbey Country - Tuesday 28th June
Highclere Castle - Wednesday 13th July
Summer Lunch - Thursday 28th July
Breakfast at Tiffanys - Thursday 18th August

All places are allocated on a ballot basis, from time to time we do a first come first served, but it will be clearly marked on the Booking form when this applies. Any tickets/places that are still available for Events can be found here:

For further info please click on the event

If you wish to be notified when the latest Booking forms are available on the website please email with your request to be added to the distribution list.

Please make sure we have your correct email address

All changes to home address should be sent to